At One Point (Asians)

You were "thugs and criminals". They called you F.O.B. (Fresh Off The Boat), Yellow Monkeys, Chinks, gave you a proper American name because yours was too hard to remember or pronounce,etc. Yet you put my people in museums compare us to animals, but get upset when they say Chinese virus, Kung flu, etc. How is that more hurtful than having pictures of our children on walls next to monkeys, lions,...

A Little Reminder (Latinos)

They call you illegal aliens (in a land that was once yours), build walls to keep you out, deported your parents, held you in a modern day concentration camp, and killed your babies. Yet you still choose to stand by them and hate African Americans or as you like to refer us as blacks, negros, niggers, and niggas.

Shame On YOU

The situation with Ahmaud Aubery just boils my blood. What's even worse is Asians, Latinos, etc. have the same mentality as these Europeans (Caucasians). Who still to this point don't give a damn about your people, but you choose to look down on the innocent.